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Winter 2022 Session Begins Jan. 22, 2022.

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The 6-Month Opalife Membership Program Includes:

Winter 2022 Session Begins on January 22, 2022.

Phase 1 (First 12 Weeks)

Personalized and guided instruction and coaching that will take you from "no time" for yourself to a person with a solid Pilates practice and self-love so great that taking care of herself becomes non-negotiable! 


• One guided Pilates class that can be taken in the studio or via Zoom where I’ll keep you challenged and help you adapt your workout to your personal needs.

• Two 30-minute prerecorded online Pilates sessions led by our certified instructors THAT YOU CAN DO AT HOME ANYTIME! No equipment necessary.

• A personalized email delivered to your inbox to guide you to success.

 • An accountability check in because we all need a little help staying on track.

• Access to a private Opalife members Facebook group for inspiration, motivation and accountability.


• A one-on-one wellness coaching session with certifed wellness coach Sue McCarroll to discuss your successes and challenges, and create realistic goals to get your new habits to stick. 

• Progress Assessment to help you see how far you have come!

Phase 2 (Second 12 Weeks)

A safe space to practice your newfound habits and make sure that you will continue to feel happier, stronger and more confident FOREVER!


• An unlimited full library of pre-recorded Pilates sessions THAT YOU CAN DO ANYTIME!

• One live in-person or online Pilates class where I’ll keep you challenged and help you adapt your workout to your body needs.

• Access to a private Facebook group so that I can answer all your questions and share with you some extra tips and encouragement!

• Emails to guide you to success within the membership.


• Live Zoom Q & A to discuss successes, challenges and tips for getting your new habits to stick. 

•Deep-dive into a relevant nutrition topic designed to improve your relationship with food. 

• Short mindset and meditations to fit into your busy life.

• Challenges to help you choose your workouts and keep you motivated.

• Recorded guest speaker on a unique wellness topic.

• Recipe archive and new recipes added continually.


6 Monthly Payments of $299 $199
Join the Opalife Program Today
Sue is a fantastic teacher. She has a unique ability to cater to her clients' individual needs while still providing the most challenging workout for your level. She's acutely aware of what's going on with your body inside and out and always manages to your body type, personal health concerns and safety. Sue is tough and will push you but she does so with the sweetest smile so somehow you don't hate her! ~Kelly K

It is so easy to let everyone else's needs come before your own. The Opalife program will teach you how to prioritize your health amidst the chaos of life!

Join the Opalife Today

I decided to try the Opalife Program because I am always looking for ways to "be better". I figured Exercise, Nutrition, and Mindfulness was a great combination and something I wanted to explore. I mostly enjoyed the recipes and daily food tips that Sue shared. Her Nutrition background makes her a trustworthy source who I turn to often. I have a smoothie 4-5 times a week in the morning now and also have stayed with my once a week Pilates practice, which has helped my body get strong and flexible! I love how Sue's message is 'Progress not Perfection' because we are all just trying to be, do and feel better once choice at a time. ~AB