Our Instructors

Sue McCarroll

Owner & Instructor

Sue began practicing Pilates at a time in her life when she was struggling to find balance as a new mom to three young boys. The immediate benefits Pilates had on her mind and body ignited in her a desire to share Pilates with others.

Sue earned her 600-hour comprehensive Pilates instructor certification through Power Pilates and the Pilates Method Alliance, and became a certified health and wellness coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. 

Sue believes Pilates is for all people and all bodies. She has undergone specialized training in Pilates for injury rehabilitation, prenatal and postnatal Pilates, and Pilates for breast cancer patients and survivors. She is certified in the Jill Hinson Method for Breast Cancer and is an affiliate with Core Compassion Project, which provides Pilates scholarships to individuals with breast cancer and survivors.

Sue has also created a holistic wellness group program, Opalife, which combines Pilates, wellness coaching and a members-only community to help her clients reach their personal goals through movement, motivation, support and accountability.

Sue has a background in professional dance and dance instruction, and holds degrees in dance, nutrition and education from Rutgers University. She lives in Haddonfield, New Jersey, with her husband, three sons, and pup.


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Alessandra Nanni

Pilates Instructor


Alessandra first tried Pilates in an attempt to find relief from years of persistent and debilitating back pain. To put it simply, that first Pilates class changed her life, and she hasn’t looked back. 

Through the postural awareness and abdominal strengthening she gained from her new Pilates practice, her back pain completely went away within a few months, and she felt physically and mentally stronger than ever before. 

In 2019, Alessandra took her practice to the next level and became a nationally-certified Pilates instructor through Power Pilates’ 600-hour comprehensive training program. She joined Opal Wellness Studio as an instructor in 2021. 

Alessandra's top priority as an instructor is to create a safe space and a trusting relationship with her clients to help them realize their potential and move beyond any physical or mental obstacles. She finds immense joy in working with clients on injury rehabilitation and pain reduction through specialized Pilates movements and modifications to guide them in their own healing journeys.

Alessandra is an Italian immigrant, and an Italian and Spanish language instructor, however, she admits, she isn’t that into pasta or wine.

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Shena Faith

Pilates & Yoga Instructor

Shena is passionate about helping people discover joy, strength and freedom in movement. She believes every person has the capacity to create a wellness routine that works with their lifestyle, and it’s her mission to use her training to guide clients on their individual journeys to become their best selves.

Shena has a bachelor’s degree in exercise science and a masters degree in physical education. She is also a certified Yoga and Pilates instructor and personal trainer, having gained her credentials through the Balanced Body Pilates program, a 200-hour yoga teacher training program and the ACE personal training certification program.

Shena especially enjoys teaching Prenatal Pilates classes (she’s also a new mom!) and Yoga and Pilates for injured veterans. She spent two and a half years as a physical health & wellness coach working with injured veterans and introducing them to Pilates and Yoga.

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Corinna Tyris

Pilates Instructor

As a law student often hunched over a desk for hours on end, Corinna was looking for a way to bring more movement back into her days. Pilates was the answer. Corinna was amazed just how lengthened and strengthened her body felt after each Pilates class she attended. Her transformational experience led her to want to share Pilates with others. Corinna completed over 600 hours of training to become a fully-comprehensive classical Pilates instructor receiving her certification in 2013 from Power Pilates NYC. Her goal as an instructor is to use the breadth of her knowledge and experience to empower her students. She brings energy, compassion and motivation to each class.

Corinna is also the busy mom of two young children and a native Greek speaker, also fluent in French. When she’s not teaching, she enjoys going on hikes, exploring museums and traveling.

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