January 2022 Book Club - "More Than a Body"

book club Dec 12, 2021
Image of More Than A Body book by the Kite sisters

We are gearing up for our January Book Club, and before you decide you are too busy, I want you to grab a notebook or piece of paper and answer these questions. Don't give the safe answer. Just let the words that come to mind first flow!

• How do you feel about your body?
• Have you ever stayed home from a social activity or other opportunity because of concern about how you looked?
• Have you ever passed judgment on someone because of how they looked or dressed?
• Have you ever had difficulty concentrating on a task because you were self-conscious about your appearance?

We will be reading "More Than A Body" by Lindsay and Lexie Kite. Here is the author's description:

"Our beauty-obsessed world perpetuates the idea that happiness, health, and ability to be loved are dependent on how we look, but authors Lindsay and Lexie Kite offer an alternative vision. With insights drawn from their extensive body image research, Lindsay and Lexie—PhDs and founders of the nonprofit Beauty Redefined (and also twin sisters!)—lay out an action plan that arms you with the skills you need to reconnect with your whole self and free yourself from the constraints of self-objectification."

From media consumption to health and fitness to self-reflection and self-compassion, Lindsay and Lexie share powerful and practical advice that goes beyond “body positivity” to help readers develop body image resilience—all while cutting through the empty promises sold by media, advertisers, and the beauty and weight-loss industries. In the process, they show how facing your feelings of body shame or embarrassment can become a catalyst for personal growth."

Chelsea Clinton described the book this way: "An indispensable resource for women of all ages, this is a guide to help us better connect to ourselves, to value ourselves, to love ourselves, and ultimately, to be ourselves." Chelsea Clinton

So are you in? Don't do it. Don't say you are too busy! Check out what is involved and click the button to join!

• Weekly email for accountability
• One in-person/online book discussion
• Live check-ins inside the Opalife Group
• One FREE Pilates mat class
• A positive, inspiring community

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