Use Food to Fuel and Heal Your Body

reflection Aug 29, 2021

We all have different symptoms and dis-ease that results from not eating our best and/or taking care of our most important gift, our body.  The health and medical industries come up with all different very specific "diets" to fix them, but really there are just a few simple rules to follow that will heal your body. And let me tell you a secret....I guarantee that you probably already know these!

👉🏻 Eat a plant-based diet. Don't freak out. That doesn't mean you can never eat meat. Think 80/20!

👉🏻Reduce gluten, meat and dairy. Increase healthy fats, proteins and greens! 

👉🏻Drink more water than you think you need. In all actuality, a large percentage of Americans are dehydrated all the time!

👉🏻Eat the rainbow. This will give a wide variety of phytonutrients that do all kins of amazing things for your body!

Now raise your hand if you already new that you should be doing these things to feel better. Remember, I didn't say they were fun, although I actually do have fun preparing foods that bless my body!

Felling overwhelmed with the idea of putting all this into action?! Choose just one and go for it this week. Every glass of water you drink is better than the one you didn't!

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